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  • “Having a dedicated account manager really makes a difference. Now I can count on a helpful and reliable agent who knows my buying history and can explain all my queries.”
    -Daniela. P, 5 December 2012
  • “Immediately after joining OMS groups we were able to order the products we needed with the instant credit account and receive them quickly and efficiently with no delivery charge. Great service for NHS staff.”
    -Karen. C, 11 September 2012
  • “OMS have been consistently reliable with their deliveries providing fast service with no charge no matter how big or small my order is.”
    -Oliver. B, 9 June 2012
  • “OMS has simplified my orders. Because everything is available from one direct location it comes in one large delivery with a single bill. In this way my orders are also easy to track and monitor.”
    -Cassandra. C, 15 February 2013
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  • “The OMS credit account is an added bonus from a company that already supplies fast, free delivery and a range of quality products. Very pleased the OMS member benefits.”
    -Peter. C, 26 March 2013
  • “Customer service was definitely a strong point for me. My assigned manager had a personal understanding of my work and was able to recommend products and accessories that were correct and valid. A great help.”
    -Sophie. M, 28 October 2012
  • “User-friendly order website. Efficient and pleasant telephone experience when making an enquiry.”
    -Will. K, 9 February 2013

Group Member Benefits

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About Us

We buy directly from the manufacturers, eliminating middle-men

We can deal with faults, warranties and returns

As well as demo, install and support products in-house


Bulk Buying Power of over 3000 GP’s

Free Delivery on every order

Dedicated Account Manager

Instant £15,000 Credit Account

Onsite Demonstrations & Training

* GP Buying Group Member Benefits

* Bulk Buying Power of over 3000 Surgeries

* Dedicated account manager

* Instant £15,000 credit account

* Free delivery on every order

* Onsite Demonstrations & Training

* Manufacturer Distributor to YOU

* No middlemen

* Join Today - contact us on 0844 840 4860 or E-mail

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